erika kathryn

Out of the Ashes shall come Fire,

out of Death shall come Life, and

out of Hatred shall come Eternal Love...

Take the Audie the Angel Volume 1 Quiz!

After reading Audie the Angel and the Angel Army,

You should be a pro at answering these

10 Trivia Questions...


1) Which Angel would be useful in a fencing match?


2) Which creature is most powerful in packs?


3) What gift did Jupiter give to Audie?


4) What does Gabi never leave home without?


5) In Doom Dwelling, which Angel did the Dare Demon swoop

       up and then later drop?  


6)  Which Angel loves to surf?


7) When the Angels were in the Swamp Pit, who was the

       prisoner they met and had to leave behind?


8) What character can turn you into ice, by screaming at you?


9) Which character was “a collector, not a killer?”


10) What was the name of the snake that Audie was offered as a

            sacrifice to?

Answers:    1) Pancia  2) Dare Demons  3) Flying Unicorn named Aurora  4) Twinkies  

5) Yahel  6) Talihad  7) Lake  8)  The Frost Fairy  9) Metatron  10) Big Bertha